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Not dead. Just Twittering

19:49 I'm writing jokes that would've been topical like 10 - 15 years ago today. That's just not right. #

20:45 @JRWStormy So long as somebody didn't squirt in your booze. #

20:56 Motto of John Boehner's Tanning Coalition: It takes a nation of millions to keep us brown. (orange) #

20:58 I'm in ur internets synthesizing ur kultur - lolartists #

02:16 @BrilligT congrats! #

11:14 @rev_norel_pref Why would people want to listen to you in the can? #

14:18 @cdashiell What good would common sense for it do? It's witchcraft, wicked witchcraft. #

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Not dead. Just Twittering

20:08 I'm going to have a nervous goddamned breakdown here in a minute. #

02:37 @KitiaraTomsen im okay now. I was going insane trying to record the show with Thanksgiving going on overhead. very frustrating. thanks #

02:39 I fear the turkey pardoning sets a bad precedent. What's the turkey recidivism rate since the pardoning? #

12:19 RT @cdashiell: During Black History Month we celebrate our struggle for freedom. On Black Friday we celebrate our struggle for crap. #

13:30 1014 years ago today the crusades started. You know... like Jesus would've wanted #

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Not dead. Just Twittering

16:30 I'm a year late but if you haven't heard Eddie Izzard's 'podcast' it's a long interview on itunes, is very interesting and funny. #

16:55 @KitiaraTomsen You can't just melt crayons on the cookies! Well you can but it'll be like breaking dishes to get out of drying them #

19:23 @cdashiell I don't remember recalling Alberto Gonzalez #

19:24 @JRWStormy If you're just handing out cheesecakes, I'd like one. So would John from King Missle. #

20:57 I'm so old I remember when the day after Thanksgiving was called afro-american friday #

13:29 Holidays are an irritating interruption. Normal days are so much more fun. #

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Not dead. Just Twittering

17:30 quackery loves company #

18:04 @rev_norel_pref You should never mock fellatio #

19:31 Between WTF, I Love Movies, and Adam Carolla, I feel like the hipster talk show podcast has never been stronger. #

19:33 I can't stand holiday schmaltz so I'm boycotting myself for this week's show. #

22:57 There's no jazz equivalent to 'rock on' is there? #

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Not dead. Just Twittering

19:17 Liz Cheney, whose name we only know because of her famous father, complains we aren't bootstrapping hard enough. Get a real job, Liz! #

20:52 Republicans want a 'purity test' for GOP candidates. If it's anything like the old purity test, none of them will pass. #

13:25 Why would anybody eat any food that begins with 't-u-r-d' Yes, I do feel the same way about shitake mushrooms #

15:05 I think this is officially two months of consistent non-smoking today. Still hate it. Still broke. Totally not worth it. #

15:51 writing about smoking an hour ago appears to have brought back my smoker's cough. so not worth quitting #

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Not dead. Just Twittering

12:22 @DaphneA Only two bottles? Bombay Sapphire and Dry Vermouth. #

12:35 I've lost my badge for work and in getting in the place I realized my ID is expired too. I might not actually exist. Oops! #

13:31 David Gregory misused 'phyrric victory' and then Kay Bailey Hutchinson misunderstood either his use or the real meaning #

13:44 Hutchison says the health care bill needs more debate but didn't she vote against allowing it to go to the floor for debate? make your mind #

13:46 Dear Christians. Do you have any beloved Christmas Poems you break out every year? Other than the night before christmas #

14:14 I apologize for saying 'thermodynamics' when I meant motion. www.blacktiemartiniclub.com #

14:26 LIEberman says that govt has never intruded in private business like Healthcare though he begged to let Govt. stifle Free Speech #

15:34 why don't they fortify 'optional' type pills, like viagra or birth control, with vitamins and minerals like cereal? It couldn't hurt right? #

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Not dead. Just Twittering

17:08 Does the Apostrophe in General Tso's Chicken indicate possesion or that Gen. Tso is in fact, cowardly? #

17:10 Enemy of the Steak. #meatmovies Hamburger Hill #

14:34 SNL's opener where white guys played Obama and Hu Jintao didn't exactly scream diversity #

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Not dead. Just Twittering

07:45 Every Saturday morning I wake up having left the night shift to work the day shift feeling like I've been raped by time. #

07:46 ... Except for that one little thing, I really like my schedule though. Weird, huh? #

10:54 My baloney has a first name but still insists I call it, "Mr. Baloney" #

11:45 I can only hope the word, "Scozzafavization" enters the lexicon in 2010. #

12:06 @DaphneA I'm not only in denial about winter but I'm also in denial about Christmas, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. They aren't happening. #

12:07 Because Thursday is my day off anyway, I get no special holiday next week. SWEET! more hours for me. #

12:17 @DaphneA it's too cold on those holidays, I'm skipping ahead to 4th of July. #

13:39 Dear media, please stop talking about Sarah Palin. She's just an unemployed blogger (one of many) and won't go away till the cameras do. #

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Not dead. Just Twittering

10:33 Today's Black Tie Martini Club Oddcast will hopefully be published tonight. Had some technical difficulties yesternight. (user error) #

11:01 after 36 years w/ no flow suddenly this morning in the shower I had the ability to freestyle rap. Male Menopause? #

12:28 Train station this morning they were tearing up the concrete and sod they laid down earlier this week in landscaping project. Stimulus jobs? #

14:52 @rev_norel_pref back in my day we had an old moon and we were happier for it! Kids these days. They don't appreciate nuthin. #

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